Main Bathrooms

bathroom en suite

If you want to improve your home’s overall value, bathroom renovation should always be on top of the list. Homebuyers often get attracted to a property that has comfortable and safe bathroom. With this, it is a must that you invest in this project to keep the area in its best shape all the time, not only to attract potential buyers if you decide to sell it; but also to improve its aesthetics, functionality, comfort , and safety.

Here are the reasons why you need to have your main bathroom renovated or remodelled:

  • More space – Is moving around inside the bathroom a bit difficult because of the limited space? Renovation allows you to free up some spaces in the bathroom by removing unnecessary furniture and other installations that use up too much space. Alternatively, a professional bathroom renovator can help your redesign the area to maximise the space.
  • Improved safety and comfort – Perhaps you need bathroom railings for seniors at home or more natural lighting and ventilation. All this and more can be addressed with bathroom renovation.
  • Correct faulty features and damages – Bathroom renovation gives you the chance to fix improperly designed or installed features that hinder comfort and safety.
  • Update aesthetics – Maybe you want to upgrade the area to a luxury or spa-like bathroom, or bring back the classics with traditional designs, or spruce it up with contemporary furniture and fixtures. Bathroom styles and designs are limitless, and there is nothing a professional bathroom renovator can’t do.

Single Bathroom

Does your home only have one bathroom? Does it provide you the comfort and safety that you or your household needs? If you want to improve the features of your bathroom, let our experts at Mornington Bathroom Renovations handle it. We will help you utilise the space in the most efficient way. We cater to bathroom renovations of all shapes and sizes.

Should you decide to convert another space and turn it into a second bathroom; we can do it as well. We can also build a second toilet to separate the bathroom with shower if your space isn’t enough to build a full bathroom.


Multiple Bathrooms

For multiple bathrooms, homeowners usually prioritize the renovation of the main bathroom. This is because it is the most commonly used part of the house, not only for the household, but for guests as well.

Whether you want to convert your main bathroom to a luxury bathroom or simply upgrade the outdated fixtures, Mornington Bathroom Renovations is here to help. Our lines are always ready to take your calls. Contact us now.