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Mason Sebastian
Mason Sebastian
9. February, 2023
Luke and his team did our bathroom + laundry reno, full strip out and change of layout. Zero complaints , communication was really good kept us informed throughout.
Sharron Clark
Sharron Clark
23. January, 2023
Fantastic experience with Luke and the guys. Awesome service from the get go - had been let down by other builders so we were relieved and refreshed after engaging luke on the job. Love the new bathrooms
Bathroom Renovation special offer
Bathroom Renovation special offer
Luxury Bathroom designs

Home Renovations Mornington Peninsula

Even the smallest changes you make in your bathroom can make a lot of difference. Whether these changes are made to boost comfort, function, or simply aesthetics, it will be worth it one way or another, especially when done right.

The bathroom is perhaps the busiest room of the house. You can spend the rest of the day without a single step into your living room, but that is just impossible when it comes to the bathroom.

This is why bathrooms need to be maintained regularly, and at some point, remodelled or renovated. Bathroom renovations can be a sizeable project for any house hold to take on, so it’s always worth doing your due diligence to ensure your builder knows what they are doing!

No matter how big or small your bathroom renovation needs are, Mornington Bathroom Renovations has got you covered. From Portsea,  Sorrento,  Frankston, Chelsea, Seaford,  Mount Martha and Mornington,  we service all suburbs down the Peninsula.


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Why Us?

Our team of professional bathroom designers and builders can handle design or redesign, installation, or repair of the following types of bathrooms:

bathroom en suite

Commercial bathrooms


Master bathrooms


En Suite bathrooms


Bespoke bathrooms


Designer bathrooms


Full Home Reno's


Laundry bathrooms


Kitchen Renovations

Electrical and Waterproofing
faucet installation

Fully Licensed and Insured Builders


Customisable bathroom design


Installation of bathroom furniture and accessories


Bathroom wall removal and replacement


Bathroom floor tile installation, removal, and replacement







Your One-Stop Bathroom and Home Renovation Specialist

At Mornington Bathroom Renovations, our ultimate goal is to become the only destination of home and business owners in the Peninsula area who are looking for the most trusted bathroom builders. Also, if you are based in Queensland and looking for a quality builder, we recommend our partners @ Sunshine Coast Bathroom Renovations QLD

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

Know more about our efficient bathroom and home renovation process each time we deliver our services:

In-home consultation

During this phase, our in-house professional bathroom designer will personally come to your home to conduct assessment of the area to be renovated. This is the perfect time for you to know more about project as well as share your ideas and designs.

We will provide you an initial draft of possible design and solutions that are appropriate for the area. 


Quotation and Acceptance

We will provide you a detailed quote within 7 days following our in-home consultation.

If you agree on the estimates and decide to move on with the project, we will put the agreement on writing.

Design and Product Selection

Let us know your design ideas, and we will provide you cost-effective and customised solutions that cover both products and suppliers. Together, we will also come up with a detailed layout including the paint colours, electrical, plumbing fixtures, floor tiling, and many others.


Building Inspection

We will visit your home for another consultation before we finally kick off with the renovation. In this phase, our bathroom designer will present to you the final layout and give you heads up on what to expect before, during, and after the implementation.

Preparation and Demolition

Project implementation begins. We will prepare your home for the renovation, making sure that areas not included will be protected. We will strip off walls and remove other installations that require replacement. Our professional team has been trained to ensure your safety and privacy while we are at work.

Carpentry Works

Our professional carpenters will remove and replace rotten or damaged timbers, install new wall framing, and other structural elements as required in the layout. We make sure that every material is installed properly and securely.

Service Rough-In

Our licensed plumber will install drain pipes and water supply. At the same time, our certified electrician will securely install all electrical wires behind the walls and ceiling.


Using premium-quality waterproof plasterboard, we will smoothen out all rough surfaces on the bathroom wall and ceiling for a beautiful finish. Now it is ready for your chosen paint colour.


To ensure protection of the walls and the subfloors against water and moisture, we will install waterproof barrier. Water penetration can cause serious structural damages.


It’s time for your favourite tiles to be installed. We guarantee that each piece of tile will be installed properly and accurately.


Your personal style will be showcased with customised joinery and cabinetry. Our team will install them where you want them to be, boosting your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality while saving space.


We apply caulk to prevent leaks from pipes and plumbing to make sure they are watertight.


All your favourite stuff will be installed or the end elements. This includes the switches, taps, towel rails, vanity mirrors, window locks, toilet roll holders, and many others.

Shower Screen

Our professional glaziers will install the shower screen of your choice.


We made the mess, and we clean it up – professionally! Our cleaning team will leave your bathroom sparkly clean and ready for you to use and enjoy.
Fair Prices
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How much should I prepare for my upcoming bathroom renovation?

Typically, this project will cost you around $18,000 to $25,000. Of course, it could go higher or lower depending on different factors like the size, the amount of work it demands, and the service provider you entrust it with.

A 2-square meter bathroom renovation in Australia may cost you around $6,000 to $10,000 while a 10-square meter bathroom or bigger will may cost you as much as $25,000 and possibly even more.

Is it a good idea to renovate or remodel my bathroom just before selling it?

Making small upgrades in a very outdated bathroom can make a lot of difference to the overall look of your home. Many homebuyers often get attracted to a property with bathrooms that are in good condition. This means if you do upgrades, you might be able to sell your home a little faster, but you may not always get high returns simply because of it. Overtime, perhaps, in the future, you will be able to sell it at a higher price.

How many days does it take to finish bathroom renovations?

A typical bathroom renovation project can be completed in an average of 23 days. Bigger bathrooms or luxury bathrooms may require longer time to finish. In fact, some can last up to a month or more.

Basically, the number of days a bathroom renovation can be completed depends on the size of the area, fixtures and accessories, number of people working, and the amount of labour. Some bathrooms take longer time to demolish or strip off.

Is there a cheaper way to renovate a bathroom?
  • Do minor upgrades.
    Do you have limited budget for the project? Then do minor upgrades instead. Simple repainting or adding some accessories on the bathroom wall or changing the taps or the lights can do magic.
  • Don’t transfer electrical and plumbing fixtures.
    Leave electrical and plumbing fixtures in their original places. Transferring them requires expert hands, which means additional costs.
  • Recycle and reuse.
    Some outdated fixtures and accessories may be reused and recycled. You can have them restored or repaired to make them look new and function properly again instead of throwing them away. This saves you lots of money.
  • Do it yourself?
    This is perhaps the cheapest way to do bathroom renovations. You save on labour costs, and you only have to worry about the materials and supplies. This is, however, only applicable if you have the skills, experience, and the right tools to get the job done. Remember that when bathroom renovations are done wrong, you will most likely end up paying more for repairs.
Which part of bathroom renovation project should I expect to spend more?
It must be the plumbing and the tile work. Both of these areas of bathroom renovation can be very costly, and both can be found in the shower. This area requires high amount of labour in both plumbing and tile installation not to mention the cost of supplies needed.
Mason Sebastian

Luke and his team did our bathroom + laundry reno, full strip out and change of layout. Zero complaints , communication was really good kept us informed throughout.

Sharron Clark

Fantastic experience with Luke and the guys. Awesome service from the get go - had been let down by other builders so we were relieved and refreshed after engaging luke on the job. Love the new bathrooms

Outdated bathroom? Looking to do a full home remodel? Not sure where to start? Call us today and get a free quote.