En Suite

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After a tiring day from work, all you ever want to do is take a warm and relaxing shower or soak in the bath tub, and go straight to bed and get some rest. Just imagine the feeling of having the opportunity to do it every day, in your very own bathroom, inside your very own room. This is why having an en suite bathroom is a must.

Having your very own en suite or “in the room” bathroom provides you ultimate comfort, convenience, and privacy. You can have it designed like a spa or just go with the basics. Whatever your choice is, we at Mornington Bathroom Renovations can provide it for you.

We have built countless en suite bathrooms for homes in Victoria and nearby areas that our clients are enjoying now. Our professional bathroom fitter can provide you customised designs based on your needs and budget.

Look forward to coming home and enjoy your “me” time in a beautifully and comfortably designed en suite bathroom. Let us help you build it.


Before getting started, here are some factors you have to consider when constructing or renovating your en suite bathroom:

  • Budget – Constructing or renovating en suite bathroom can be very costly. Make a budget plan and stick with it. However, you should also prepare for some unexpected expenses along the way. If you opt to using premium-quality supplies and luxurious designs, you have to bear the costs.
  • Design –Go for a spa-like design or stick to the basics – the options are limitless. You may come up with your own design or leave it to a professional bathroom designer. Either way, you will surely still be able to achieve your dream private place.
  • Storage – Add more storage but save space with wall-hung racks, shelves, and cabinets for your bathroom necessities. Doing so not only saves you space, but makes the bathroom a safer place.
  • Fixtures, Furniture, and Accessories – Show off your unique style with your choices of fixtures, furniture, and accessories, but you have to make sure that they all fit in the space available and complement with your theme.
  • Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing, and Electricals – Consider leaving these parts of the renovation to the experts. These are very essential part of the bathroom, and any mistake in the installation could wreak havoc and compromise comfort and safety.
  • Bathroom Builder – Choose the best service provider so you can have a stress-free and hassle-free bathroom renovation.

Mornington Bathroom Renovations is comprised of a team of professionals who always aim for perfection in every project we handle. Let’s build your en suite bathroom today. Send us a message.